And Finally Beds & More Beds.

I think we are both a bit weird, we have over the last few weeks become fixated with beds. Hardly has the door closed behind us as we enter a new bedroom, whereupon we can be found testing the firmness of the bed, then deconstructing the bedding to see what type of mattress and whether it has a topper. Then we start on the pillows….. We have everything, from queens, kings, super kings, flat beds and joy of joys a CALIFORNIAN super king, the biggest bed in the world! Now that is a monster of a bed, sleeping 4 comfortably I reckon. Though that was attached to a hotel in the middle of nowhere, so no chance to try that particular theory out.
It is also important that the bed is big enough because my dearly beloved has restless leg syndrome, if you remember Kenny Everett’s TV shows and the way he crossed his legs in the best possible taste, you will kind of get the idea. Essential that you are far enough away otherwise you get battered all night long. We have had some motels with two bedrooms, one in particular springs to mind, if you remember the manager was a racist German who thought he had a good sense of humour. His wife we only met as we were leaving, she was cleaning the room opposite. Her first comment was to ask whether we were ‘one bed boys’, naturally we confirmed we were, ahh she said I have a son who is a one bed boy. Taking us to heart she then proceeded to say she had caught her husband in bed with someone else that very week and thus was leaving the following day. Not sure this is a place I am going to recommend!
All in all a great trip, a couple of flat beds to moan about on the way home, then our own, which I can assure you is still the best!


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