The Sting in the Tail.

He did it! My superhero. I have to say my cover was nearly blown when we discovered we could jump in tandem, I quickly went very pale and hoping he would not notice the million cameras covering every split second, said well you will need me to take your photos. Actually just leaning over the rails to get pictures of him bouncing up and down made me feel very sick. More entertaining were the Chinese women holding on for dear life who had to have their hands prized from the railings and then a gentle nudge followed by a very Chinese scream. Apparently you can do it naked if you want, that might have been interesting.
So jump done my hero returns full of adrenalin, of course we have to collect the t shirt, the certificate and buy all the pics because mine all appeared a bit wobbly. Time to go back to Queenstown….Have you sussed it yet? Any guesses? Back to the car, I have the bag which he gave be after he had been back to the car to change into shorts (much sexier to jump in shorts) Oh wait a minute car keys must be in the bag somewhere, no cant find them, let me look. 5 minutes later….HE MUST HAVE JUMPED WITH THE BLOODY CAR KEYS IN HIS POCKET.
You would have been proud of me, very calm, no raised voices, a little too calm perhaps, almost frigidly calm. Let’s go find the nice English guy who looked like our friend Ben Norris’s brother, because we sure need a friendly face at this moment. Hi says Dan, back already, another jump? Perhaps you Tony? So angry was I a Tom Daley dive off the platform would have been easy. Let’s review the video of Gordon’s jump suggests Dan, and there it is, plain to see, a splash as something falls into the river towards the end of his fall. Not the first to do that, says Dan, let’s go and call Hertz for you and see what options you have. By this time Hertz is already mighty pissed off with us as we arrived back at a car park a few days ago to find a camper van impaled in the back of our car. Excess lost that will be £1500 on your credit card until we sort out who is to blame, sir. Grrrr wonder how much this will cost me thinks.
Then, our guardian angel flies in on the end of a bungee rope, because as I lean over the reception desk, tucked away by the side of the computer, there seems to be a set of keys. Could they be? We both lunge for them, yes yes yes! Oh says Gordon I must have put them down here while I was signing the forms.
Divorce narrowly avoided, until the next dizzy blonde moment.


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