Alls Well That Ends Well.

So he’s back safely, Mr Smarty Pants. Oh you would have been fine up there it was easy, no steep climbs, no sharp drops. Should have come blah blah. Well I immediately downed tools and stopped ironing, no need to practise now he is back. In fact so pumped up with adrenalin he roared up to the ironing board and this was the result.
Right so we have gone all macho now and thrown caution to the wind, helicopter trip, tick, light aircraft, tick, bungee jumping, tick, all booked ready to go. Though considering I felt a little sick on our boat trip around Doubtful Sound today I might be a little apprehensive.
Driving out here is pretty easy, few roads, few cars. I follow the signs because I am not a good map reader and guess what it makes me car sick. My heart sinks when asked to check the map, why for heavens sake the road sign says we are on the right road, if you want to look at the map I will drive. Then I have to drive with him tutting next to me when I don’t change up to 5th gear at exactly the moment he would. So basically I can’t drive or map read. You notice funny things as you drive along in the middle of nowhere, on a couple of occasions the fences around a particular property have been covered in old hanging trainers, that’s the shoes in case you need clarification. Today there was maybe 50 women’s bras hanging at regular intervals along a wooden fence, lots of different colours and sizes. I had to ask myself whether perhaps there was a little mystercism going on and as women drove past they were compelled by some hidden force to screech to a halt, whip off their undergarments, attach them to the fence and then roar off into the sunset cackling manically to themselves. Or it could just be that the local farmer is advertising his prowess to the local ladies. Quite frankly I think they need to give this guy a very wide berth, assuming of course that it is a guy!
Oh sorry I lied about the bungee jumping, surely you can’t in a million years have thought I would jump off a bridge attached to a stretchy bit of rubber?? But I have booked it for Gordon, he might bottle out, think I might need to give the ironing another go, just in case.


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