In Recovery

Picture the scene, I am sitting on my terrace looking at this
Franz Josef glacier, in case your bothered, oh and thank you I am feeling much better. It seems it is the reoccurrence of an old condition, the cure to which was in my bag. So determined was I that I had some new life threatening condition which probably would end in hospitalisation, that I ignored all the well known symptoms, insisted Gordon give me several types of antibiotics, tutted at him when he quietly suggested it might be my old complaint and became miserable and emotional. Such is life. As I lay in bed in my miserable state I thought there would be no harm in trying the drugs I had been carrying round. So I whopped one up, suppository in case you were wondering, and this morning 100 percent better. Doctor probably knows best, lesson learned.
The thing to do here is to Heli Hike on the glacier, so when we arrived yesterday we booked two places provisionally for today, on the basis that I might still be unwell. I was concerned it wasn’t for me, very macho, ice picks and crampons, a bit like my stomach for the last few days. So we then walked to the face of another glacier and I could see all these little specks crawling about on the ice, Oooh not sure about this, don’t have a good head for heights and not good standing on the edge of steep drops. Then of course there is the helicopter trip to get there. As I was cogitating all this this morning the news comes on the telly and guess what ANOTHER shark attack not so far from us, the odds of two shark attacks in a couple of weeks must be pretty high, definetly a sign, no glacier hike for me. Gordon has just flown over hanging out the back of the helicopter, sure he will be back safe and sound, really must not get anxious for him. He gave me loads of jobs to do to keep myself busy until 3 including the washing, he said it was about time I learnt to do these things, just in case.
Now I am sure some of you will we interested in how the Carol and David story paned out, you have to read my last blog if you are not up to speed with that little saga. Actually it’s Karel and David but it sounds like Carol. Funny thing the language here, I am beginning to pick it up I can say fssh = fish yeess = yes, listening to the radio here helps its a bit like those language courses you can buy. Every time we hear a new word we both repeat it out loud and then dissolve into hysterical laughter. Well all I can say about Karel and David is they both deserve Oscar’s, sterling performance,perfect hosts,everything tickity boo. Perhaps I should have warned Gordon not to give them our website address, because of course they could read this blog via the website. Whoops but no real harm done me thinks. We stayed in another place run by a racist German who thought he was a comedian with a Scottish wife who had serious issues. That might have to wait I need to practise my ironing…..just in case.


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