Not sure I can face eggs anymore.

It’s been a while but you know I am a little reliant on the Internet, which quite honestly here at the Hilton in Taupo is crap, but the suite is nice, another upgrade blagged, but that’s  for another day!

 Yesterday we went a little off piste, or in my case ‘ off spreadsheet’ I have to thank my friend Simon for this spreadsheet lark every time  I  needed some sort of info from him he would refer to a wonderfully detailed spreadsheet so now my life also is run in this manner, it might have something to do with being a  control freak, but it works!  As far as holidays are concerned Gordon gets excited if I announce it’s time to start a spreadsheet because he knows it’s a goer, that’s the holiday not me naturally! So off piste we went and needed to book another nights accommodation. Tripadvisor here we come, hate it but have to use it. Always look at the first three or so in a given spot, this is how it goes, first one looks amazing heart starts to race a little, palms nicely sweaty. Go the website, no prices, or prices from something like £100 when you know deep down its going to be three times that, then you have to call them and make some feeble excuse, like I have to check with my partner, when indeed the price is way over what you are prepared to pay. It turns out the from price of £100 is for single occupancy on a Sunday night in deepest winter with no breakfast. Hey ho last nights booking was in Rotorua, the smelliest place in the world, rotten eggs is a good description, I can still smell it now and we are miles away, but worth a visit just to say you have done it. Lots of smelly hot springs, geysers and boiling mud. As for the B & B that’s a whole blog on its own, maybe tomorrow if I feel strong enough. 

No pics the Internet here in beautiful Lake Taupo can just about deal with my ramblings. I’ll save em for another day!


3 thoughts on “Not sure I can face eggs anymore.

    1. Cat

      Love a good spreadsheet … I was in Roturua when 9/11 happened and I can still remember opening car door when we arrived and being hit by the smell …. Taupo will make up for it .. Glad you enjoying NZ

    2. Penny Noble

      Should have texted – we stayed in great very reasonable place just outside Rotarua. And there was no smell and it was on the lake!!!!!!! Enjoy – hope you put your feet in some soothing mud!


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